Superlight seat stays


Carbon Stays

New carbon seat stays for racing recumbents. Extremely light, only 150g (0.34lb) the set of two stays. It means a weight saving of 200g (0.44lb) compared with the standard aluminium stays. Fits all existing MetaBikes and many other models and brands with hardshell seat. Length is fixed, made from factory at custom dimensions. Just ask for the length needed !

Upgraded MetaPhor.20


MetaPhor bikes are in that category of do-it-all touring recumbents. Able to handle any kind of ride with easy. They use to get less attention that our top performace models, but the interest is increasing as customers discover them. Having an attractive cost, reliable components and that sporty edge that all MetaBikes models share, are offered as dual 26", 24" and 20".

We felt however that the dual 20" was somehow out of MetaBikes concept of large wheel recumbents, and we needed make something about it.


It just has been upgraded to a 20-26" wheelset combination, in line with the road model MetaThesis. Sure in this way it will offer a better service to the riders, and if it makes them enjoy the ride, we will also be happy.

New stem options



Fully adjustable stem for U-handlebars. New setup composed by the last edition of the tiller stem and an extension clamp piece. A locking mechanism keeps it at the desired position.


The same parts without the locking mechanism can be used with all kinds of handlebars, including classical drop bars of road racing bicycles.

Both options work on most recumbent models and are available through MetaBikes dealers.

Bentrider review


Bryan Ball of Bentrideronline has recently reviewed a MetaPhysic, our flagship and most representative model. The tested bike includes all the last innovations and options.

See the review here >



MetaBikes has joined BB30. It is a very clever standard for bottom bracket systems that combines an overzixed spindle with the integration of the parts, taking away all redundant material. As a result there is an important reduction of weight, besides an improved stiffness and transfer of power.


MetaBikes continues at the forefront, being the only recumbent brand that offers the BB30 standard.



All MetaBikes recumbents are now available also with U-bar. The aluminium U-handlebar adds about 300 grams (0.7 lb) But if weight matters, the carbon handlebar keeps the weight as low as the tiller setup.


The U-bar has a different feel than the classical MetaBikes tiller. The arms are extended forward and they tend to be more relaxed. Many riders find this position more natural. It also offers more space to mount devices. In the other hand, the U-bar restricts some forward visibility and is less aerodynamical.

All in all, it's just a matter of personal preference, and at MetaBikes we want to be sure that each rider can get the right bike for him.

New US dealer



Get a MetaBikes recumbent is now easier than ever for U.S. customers. The very well known dealer RBR (Recumbent Bike Riders) is stocking and distributing these unique recumbents in the States. All backed by the experience and service from Rob Gentry and his team.


Triathlon de Betton 2010

September 11st in Betton (France). The competitors of the Triathlon Découverte completed 250m of swimming, 16km of cycling and 2,5km running. Philippe Descubes, after being authorised to compete on his recumbent bicycle MetaBikes MetaPhysic made the best cycling time, covering the distance in only 26'32". The second best time was from Stéphane Bonhomme, with 28'03". Philippe was also first in his category and second in the general classification.

Ufolep National Championship


September 18ht and 19th. The past Ufolep Time Trial National Championship of France had a category for recumbent bicycles.In this category, Christophe Deluche made the best time riding a MetaPhysic model with an average speed of 37 Km/h. The second place was won by Pascal Guy, with an average speed of 34,48Km/h, also on a MetaBikes MetaPhysic. The third place was for Jean Louis Bouillac with an average speed of 32,55Km/h on a low racer recumbent.

Congratulations to all the riders !